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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Jom Vietnam for FREE!!

Haaa..tgoda x tgk topic tu..sapa nk bg trip FREE kn?? But if you join the business this month dh halfway la anda akan ke VIETNAM..with 5 STAR flite,accomodation,foods and etc...Just bawak duit untung business ni tuk shopping puas2 hehe!! Vietnam is very famous for kain sutera and mcm2 kain lg..baju kanak2 pn sgt cantek kat sana..

But my main attraction is Ha Long Bay!!Hope we'll be enjoy sail in traditional Vietnam ship..ship kah?or boat? or craft? wat eva people call it..i really want to be there..very beautiful scenery!!owh,1 more thing i love vietnam spring roll and its noodle soup!

Lg cantek hehe...

Cantek ..cantek..

So sesapa yg nk join the trip pliss contact me for more info..


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