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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

My Biz

Lama x update pasal biz kan hehe..skarang ni busy sket mnguruskan umah n anak cewahh..
Latest feedback from my bff yg guna PB rupanya dh kurus byk amoi itu hehe..smpai ati pkai diam2 xbgtau body dh hotz ahaks..
Ye la time pregnant siapa yg x gemuks kn,yg penting lepas deliver tu how to get to ur shape!
Let's see the story..

This is our cekodokpuff girls gang!from right Wardah :-) middle Efa, left is Lenny the PB user

Our small femly gang!hope efa will be in the pict very soon eheh..
Those pict adalah ms ktorg terbang ke Kuching utk melawat new mommy Lenny and her lil amoi Layla confinement standard la kn bdan trasa lemak2 degil when i asked any product yg dia pkai she said just normal bengkung..As a fren ofkos i wanna help her,so i promote la Pb and the testimoni is me hahaha..
x pecaya??tgk my pict pulak..*confius ini nk story psal bff ka psal diri sendiri*

On 2nd day after deliver my sweet sour Amani..see lengan lemak bkrim n muka bulat mcm pau itu..

This is pict after 2 month,i've got my normal weight..pipi dh xkembung tgn kecik,kaki kecik hehe..

Last raya when Amani is 4mo,see mama dh selim melim cm slalu;-)
And Lenny aka JLo as she always said hahaha...taraaa...


Hot mama in da house!!

So xyah nk fikir2 lg grab this opportunity!! get 1set of PB now!!



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